Isn't searching for the God within just an excuse for narcissism?

If our search for the God within becomes narcissism, the seeker has somehow gotten off the track.

Why is it important to practice self-reflection?

Written by Lenn Harris Milam

The inward journey is a necessary part of healing. This process takes us deep beneath our surface awareness to places sometimes forgotten; but, nonetheless, places that inform our daily interactions and decisions. As we fill our lives with things we deem important, we often are pushed and pulled away from a primary relationship with God. Our self-reflection allows us to find our way back to God. This journey provides us with the opportunity of turning away from external distractions and turning towards an expectant God.

In Inward Journey, Theologian Howard Thurman says that ".... at such times we can know the Spirit of the living God, not as an idea or form, but as an enveloping presence emerging all the parts of our being …. It is ever a grace and benediction to be able to come to a halt, to stop, to pause, to make rest a motion." While we always start our inward journey as seekers; we leave the self-reflection transformed because of our desire to know and be known.