Living Spiritually

Image from Tree of the Field ©2008 Carol Buchman


Daily Devotions

Signposts Daily Devotions
Use these reflections as a spiritual practice as you navigate the twists and turns of living 

Light coming through trees

Honoring Creation
This is our home, which God entrusted to our care. There is much we can learn from our blessed Earth.

Benedictine spirituality

Benedictine Spirituality
What can we learn about balance from a sixth century monk? This gathering of excerpts, quotes and essays on Benedictine spirituality points to ways practicing Benedict's Rule can lead to an authentic, faith-filled life.

Following a Sacred Path

Spirituality in Different Faith Traditions
Spirituality in the Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish and Muslim traditions.  

Practicing Peace

Practicing Peace
A variety of thoughts, prayers and practices for living spiritually in an arguing world

Thich Nhat Hanh

Living Mindfully
A spiritual primer featuring Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh

Being Still

Being Still
The practice of being still and mindful of the presence of God.



A Thankful Life
Here we offer prayers and reflections and a six-part audio on how to nurture grateful spirit


Called to Compassion
We are all called to love God with our whole heart and soul and to love our neighbors as ourselves

Body and Soul

Body and Soul
God cherishes our bodies as well as our souls

Spirituality Every Day

Spirituality Every Day
Observations and reflections on the spiritual side of daily life.

Operating from Faith: A work-week grounded in the spirit

Operating from Faith
We all have pressures in the workplace that often override our awareness of God. Here we'll offer resources to help keep your workweek grounded in the spirit.