Daily Devotions on...

- Discernment

- Spiritual Centering

Being Still

Being Still

Winding Down Our Hurried Lives

Listening for God

Why Be Silent
By practicing intentional silence, we are able to hear the voice of God in ways that noise never allows.

Following Jesus into Silence
Jesus had a need to be alone, to pray, to “go to a place apart.” … His teachings seemed to say that He was closest to His Father when He was alone in prayer and reflection. He wants us to seek God in the same way.

Some Thoughts about Time

In God's Time
Three ways to re-orient our clocks and our calendars

Concepts of Time

Concepts of Time in Different Faith Traditions
Learning to live in God's time

Journaling about Time
By pausing to write about the different times in our life, what they mean to us and where God’s fingerprints can be found, all time becomes more precious.

Lesson from the Bible on Living More Slowly
The way of holiness is not achieved through hurriedness, busy-ness, or instant production. The way of God is the way of waiting.