The Search for Wisdom

Four Talks on Wisdom and Why It's Integral to Leading a Meaningful Life

A note about these talks

Richard E. Simmons IIIPart 1: (mp3)
What is wisdom and why is it of such great value? It is clearly linked to how we perceive reality and therefore how we become competent in regard to the realities of life.  People do not realize that wisdom helps us make choices, decisions and judgments each day, that are not necessarily moral choices.

Part 2: (mp3)
This presentation considers how so much of the human struggle is a result of living with false ideas about life and reality.  Wisdom uproots false ideas and replaces them with true insights and perspective.  This is done by looking at life through the lens of God’s truth.

Part 3: (mp3)
This session deals with how a person acquires wisdom.  The way of wisdom is a path.  You become wise by assuming a certain set of daily practices, and as you adopt these practices, these disciplines, you eventually become wise.

Part 4: (mp3)
Wisdom is a long, patient quest, that does not come quickly or easily.  This session is a continuation of Part 3 and the daily practices that will put us on the path that leads to wisdom.

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