Living with Contradiction

An Introduction to Benedictine Spirituality by Esther de Waal

Living with Contradiction by Esther de WaalIn her meditations on the teachings of St. Benedict, Esther de Waal explores the seeming contradiction of trying to live simple, faith-filled lives in an increasingly fast-paced and complicated world. Through the wisdom of Benedictine spirituality, we are invited to see our complex lives as opportunities to discover God. Benedict's gentle guidance helps us find a balance, even amidst  tension and complexity. We are shown how to live creatively, energetically and fully, experiencing God in our work, our relationships and our prayer.


"The Rule of St. Benedict addresses itself to us, each of us, just as we are. St. Benedict understands human nature, its strengths and weaknesses, limitations and potential. He respects the mystery that each person is, and the result of this is that the thrust of the Rule is never towards dictating, rather it is towards the inner disposition of the heart.…" 
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Used with permission from Morehouse Publishing, an imprint of Church Publishing Inc. Excerpt from Living with Contradiction: An Introduction to Benedictine Spirituality. Copyright © 1989, 1997 by Esther de Waal.


Living With Contradiction 

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