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Compiled from e-mail comments and survey responses. An estimated 70 percent of all comments we receive are positive.

This is my first time visiting this site, and I like what I see. I have not attended church for years, and have been experiencing a need and desire to return to the church this past year. Your web site is like a breath of fresh air. I found it very comforting and feel it will aid me in getting myself back on track with my faith. Thank you.

I simply wanted to thank all of you who have created explorefaith.org. As someone just beginning to actively seek God through Christianity, I have found the information on your site very meaningful. I greatly appreciate the open, non-biased spirit with which the web site conveys its message. I will definitely be coming back to read further.

I want to thank you for the Divine Hours page. It is now my homepage and comes up every time I open my browser. I have long wanted to add more discipline to my prayer life and, thus far, this has helped me. (from a pastor)

Thank you for such a marvelous compilation, of deep insight and honest answers...from a variety of good people. I will refer to it often. Strange, but I was driving around today, WISHING that I had a source where I could go, a THINKING person's venue...that mirrored the struggles I feel, about being alive, as a human...I wanted compassion as well as reason...and having room for doubts and differing opinions. And lo and behold, I was not even looking for it, but found your website through a link…

Just a note to say thank you for such a wonderful site. The pictures and beautiful e-cards are so perfect for someone you know that needs a word of faith. You have brightened my day and I am sure everyone's I have sent one of your beautiful cards. Thanks again & God bless each and every one of you.

I am writing simply to tell you that I think your website is excellent, and I would (and will) highly recommend it to everyone. By the way, I am a Taoist, and I am most impressed by the way your site weaves the universal truths of all religions while still demonstrating the particular strengths of Christianity in an open, sincere, and non-condemning approach. You have presented the view of Christianity that I personally consider to be truly Christian...and for which I have the utmost respect and admiration. If one of your member churches was within reasonable traveling distance for me, I would most certainly want to attend some of their services.

I came across your site and feel so blessed to have found it. The information, explanations, discussions are wonderful. I feel that I will be able to "practice" and "find help" in exploring my faith and God's will for my life. I have already passed on the site link to others. Thank you for such a wonderful place to put myself when I am on my computer.

Just had to write and thank you for your website which I found by typing in "Good Friday" on the web. As a Christian for the last 12 years I (stupidly) resisted joining a church for many years, thinking I could get all the help and learning I needed from Christian books, magazines & TV. These sources were a tremendous help but I finally did join my local church a few months ago. This Good Friday service brought home to me like never before the reality of the day of the Crucifixion and led to a day of contemplation like I have not experienced before. Many of your website articles have been read with relish today (Good Friday) as I seek more understanding of God's purposes and love. Thank you for these insights. You surely are providing a wonderful service!

I clicked on a link from another article and arrived at your website. I am writing to thank you for your thoughtful and faith-filled articles regarding homosexuality…I was prepared to smugly deride the “christian” hate and intolerance that I expected, but your words softened my anger and turned my thoughts of Christianity back to Jesus' life and teachings. By the way, I am neither Episcopal nor homosexual.

This evening I was truly blessed during a visit to your Spirit filled web site. My sincere thanks for providing a cool sip of water to a lost and dying world. I prayed that God would continue to allow you the strength and wisdom to carry on your ministry.